The TextGrid Repository is a digital preservation archive for human sciences research data. It offers an extensive searchable and adaptable corpus of XML/TEI encoded texts, pictures and databases. Amongst the continuously growing corpus is the Digital Library of TextGrid, which consists of works of more than 600 authors of German fiction (prose, verse and drama), as well as nonfiction from the beginning of the printing press to the early 20th century. The files are saved in different output formats (XML, ePub, PDF), published and made searchable. Different tools e.g. viewing or quantitative text-analysis tools can be used for visualization or to further research the text.

The TextGrid Repository is part of the virtual research environment TextGrid, which besides offering digital preservation also offers open-source software for collaborative creations and publications of e.g. digital editions that are based on XML/TEI.

You can search within the corpus by entering a search term; alternatively “Explore” will lead you to predefined categories (e.g. “author”, “genre”).

The search function supports the query language Lucene; in addition to the free text search it allows queries with the following pattern:

edition.agent.value:goethe AND pudel

More information on search syntax, search categories and filters are covered in the Help section.


Would you like your own XML encoded files to be archived, made quotable and accessible through the TextGrid Repository? Then contact us: